Nova Geographia

Preface: This is unfinished, but I needed to store it somewhere. There is something is here about bodies changing, etc. It is a hard thing to write about without sounding super cliche; I don’t think I achieved that goal. At least I avoided floral references…yuck.

γαῖα fingers,
Adept magicians
Of earth,
Soften and heal
11662 days of damage.
As she
Softens the ring
Of cosmic scars,
Her touch
Erases the ragged smile
Of unsutured wounds;
It covers bone-white lines,
In the shapes of
Ancient hexes:
My skin
The wax of
Curse tablets.
Words scratched
in haste and hate:

Her fingertips
Guide tectonic-anatomy
The geology
Of body rises,
Reshapes, and reorders
Nebular nerve endings
Newly animated
By her distal bones–
Runes cast–
Leading to a hidden nave
–I heave, moan–
Metallurgical chemistry
Smashes together
In biological supernovae


*Gaea (wasn’t sure how to plural that in Greek)

*Curse tablet


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