Better Living Through Chemistry: A Personal Perspective

venue-about6*I have had the good fortune of belonging to a trans writing group in Seoul. We were recently discussing the implications of what being trans meant. We didn’t come to any conclusions, obviously. We explored the idea of post-gender and reappropriation. Regardless, afterwards, I attempted to write a poem, which my gf said should be a paragraph. She’s a writer, so I stitched it together. My thoughts follow.  

What is transgender? Is it the systematic and deliberate dismantling of temporally distant customs? Is it extinguishing millennial old smokey ritual: snuffing out the esoteric censer of so many magi? Or, is it the deliberate destruction of inscrutable, gilded, antediluvian, authoritarian, and antique institutions? Perhaps it is something more dramatic, subjective, and subliminal–impossible to measure. A spectral shift, limitless. A matter of alchemy. It is not necessarily the overthrowing of all things come before. But a reappropriation. A realignment. The application of human knowledge.The correction of shoddy biology and rigid social structures. Being trans is “Nineteen-year-olds posting “18 months hrt; feeling happy 🙂 ” on Reddit.



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