Trans Travel


I’ve travelled a lot, this isn’t a boast, but merely to establish my credentials. I travel to approximately nine countries a year, or more. However, lately, since about March, I’ve been having problems. It started in China, both on the way in and out. I got through the Philippines and Japan, but on my exit from Korea, the man balked at me. He asked straight up, “Is this you?” I smiled and replied that I was letting my hair grow out. By the time I got to the States to transit through SFO I felt like I was going to puke.

I am in a strange position. Though Canada makes it relatively easy to update identification, including passports, there are a few factors to consider, in my case. Perhaps most important is that I am only nine months into my HRT, I hope I change more. Also, I don’t bloody live in Canada. And, I’ve registered for my program and residence visa in the Netherlands under my dead name. I had no choice. Another potential issue is that if I want to teach again, job hires start in January, again, I’ll have to use my dead name, which would be weird as I would not present as male at any future job interviews. Thus, I almost have to stop everything and change my ID at some point.

Well, the world got smaller and harder to pass through. Here’s to hoping they let me into Canada, sometimes they can be the biggest dicks.


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